World's first 6-axis robotic arm for agile and advanced tissue biofabrication

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BioAssemblyBot® gives you the freedom to 3D print and control the tissue fabrication workflow.

Assembling biological information into functional printed structures

BioAssemblyBot® Key Features:

The patent pending BioAssemblyBot® robot arm gives you the freedom to 3D print advanced tissue structures and constructs. Take your biofabrication capability to a new level with:

What it Can Print:

The BioAssemblyBot® is the next stage of evolution in 3D bioprinting technology and is ideally suited for the precision required to assemble:

How it Works:

It's starts with an idea! TSIM® Software enables you to turn the idea into a 3D digital model. Enhance the idea through import of patient specific medical images and “what-if“ the idea through TSIM®'s scenario manager and flexible tissue materials library. Quickly 3D print the idea into a physical prototype with BioAssemblyBot® that can be studied and tested. Fail Fast with a scenario and leverage lessons learned to enhance and improve the idea. The BioAssemblyBot® Technology Platform brings some of the world’s most advanced technology into a set of easy to use tools that enable you to focus on bringing your idea to life. Time is our most precious commodity. BioAssemblyBot® allows you to spend your time advancing ideas, advancing the science and bringing forward tissue applications through robotic workflow that continue a great tradition of profoundly and positively impacting our world.

BioAssemblyBot® Specifications

Robot Arm Compact Clean Room 6-Axis Robot
  • (ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 / CE / JIS B 8433 / UL1740)
Integrated HMI Human Machine Interface (HMI) works seamlessly with TSIM®
Tool Storage Up to 8 Interchangeable tools (e.g. BioInk, Pick and Place, Heating and Cooling, etc)
Video Camera Displays live feed from inside the BioAssemblyBot®
Arm Length Horizontal Reach (to mounting face): 665mm
Horizontal Reach (to wrist center): 600mm
Vertical Reach (to mounting face): 885mm
Vertical Reach (to wrist center): 820mm
Outer Dimensions 935mm (w) x 744.5mm (d) x 1343mm (h)
Print Stage 300mm (w) x 250mm (d) x 150mm (h)
Connections Input Power 120VAC C14 Connector
RJ45 CAT-5
USB input (x2)
Pneumatic air fitting
3D Printing Envelope 250mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 250mm (h)

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