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Design, visualize, simulate, and analyze 3D computer models of complex tissue structures.

Then 3D Bioprint Your Model.

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TSIMTM enables a better understanding of Biology as an Information Technology.

What it Does:

Designing and 3D printing tissue structures requires a software tool that enables easy and precise workflow. The Information Modeling capability of TSIMTM allows you to enhance the precision and functional specifications of any tissue structure design.

TSIMTM Key Features:

Digital prototyping through TSIMTM allows you to…

How it Works:

TSIMTM enables you to create 3D computer models of objects and tissue structures from scratch or from imported image sets, such as patient-specific MRI or CT scans, using intuitive object and image management tools. These models are freely manipulated in 3D space permitting you to modify, including adding or subtracting components, the model as desired. TSIMTM Software also includes a material inventory to define, create, update, and attach data attributes and material assignments to objects within the 3D models. TSIMTM Software's built-in translator extracts precise 3D coordinates of the tissue structure model, while maintaining these data attributes (e.g. materials, cell types, location, etc.), for a seamless interface with the BioAssemblyBotTM to precisely replicate and build a physical tissue structure that is identical to the TSIM Software model.

TSIM Software Specifications

CPU Intel Core i5 or i7, 2.2ghz or higher base frequency
Memory 4GB
Graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 class or better
Graphics Memory 2 GB dedicated
Display 1280x720 pixels or higher
Operating System 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, or 10
Storage 1GB

Experience how you can create your own unique 3D model in TSIMTM!

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